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    The Mission of Good Shepherd Catholic School is to model and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We commit ourselves to empowering a faith-filled community of students in grades Pre-K through 8 that educates and nurtures the whole person. We strive to develop a sense of justice and responsibility to our local and world community. We teach our children to "love God and your neighbor as yourself.

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    Virtue of the Month


    Augustine of Hippo said that, for those who would learn God’s ways, humility is the first thing, the second thing and the third thing. What is humility?? Surprisingly, it is not a poor self-image, nor a denial of one’s gifts, abilities, and accomplishments.. C.S. Lewis describes humility not as having a low opinion of one’s talents and character but rather as self forgetfulness. This entails a radical honesty with ourselves about ourselves.

    Reflections , 2013

    C.S. Lewis Institute


    As we move into the month of November, we have the opportunity to reflect upon our humility as we celebrate All Saints Day, All Souls Day, the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Thanksgiving. Each of these special times invites us to pause and see ourselves as we are in light of the blessings we have received from God and others. Are we “ self-forgetful ” and “ other-centered? ” Being so is the first step toward the virtue of humility.

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  • Breakfast With Santa

    Join Santa between 9-11 at our December All You Can Eat Breakfast.  $8 for adults, $5 for children ages 6-12, and children under 5 are free.

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 Kristen Rouse



Degrees and Certifications:

Kristen Rouse

When choosing where to enroll my daughter for Kindergarten, I wanted to make the right choice for a long term fit.  I reflected back on which experiences of my youth provided the foundation for my core values of integrity, kindness and respect that I am teaching my daughter now.  I kept coming back to my memories of service… cleaning the church with my mom and Ms. Adele, serving “Spaghetti Supper” and at “The Chuck Wagon” with my dad, leaving a birthday party early, because I had committed to serving mass.  As I got older, I began making those choices to serve myself because it was already so entrenched in my values.  Becoming active in youth ministry and as a CCD teacher in my teens, and a youth ministry leader in my 20’s provided important experiences in leadership and dedication that all stemmed from my time at Good Shepherd School.

As a shy little girl, I gained confidence through individual attention from teachers and church leaders and the support of my peers.  This was only possible because of our small class sizes and the culture of parental involvement, which allowed my fabulous parents to be constantly involved, but also all the other kids’ parents to be involved as well.  They all knew each other and each other’s children, so none of us could get away with much!  

One might imagine that I was sheltered and not exposed to different cultures and religions while in catholic school, but quite the contrary.  Our school included children from different religions and while we learned about the catholic faith primarily, we also learned principles from and respect for other religions and cultures.

So, then there are the finances…  As a single parent, how could I possibly afford to send my daughter to private school?  At this point, I’d convinced myself, how could I not?  But even though this is the church I call home, the financial piece is real, so I did some research to see if it was even possible for me.  Good Shepherd’s tuition is, by far, the least expensive of any private school in this area and there are tuition assistance benefits and scholarships available too.  

Like me, the leadership at Good Shepherd is dedicated to providing my daughter with not only a great education, but also an extended family who share our values.  Now I have the peace of mind in knowing she is in the right place.

-Kristen Hyde Rouse

(Good Shepherd Alumnus 1990-1994) 


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