Good Shepherd Band

  • ***UPDATED 11/15/2021***  Here is the band schedule for This week (11/17 and 11/18).  Please bring instruments and any music books you may have.

    Make sure to bring the Folder with Christmas music I gave you last week! 

    **Remember if you don't bring your music you will owe a can for the food pantry!***

    ****There will be AFTERSCHOOL BAND THURSDAY 11/18 from 2:30-3:30******(You must stay at your assigned seat.)

     **Please arrive 5 min early for your lesson. Come QUIETLY into classroom, get your instrument out and be ready for your start time.

    For my students who are in quarentine you may take virtual lessons by signing up here ---->Band Scheduler

    Thank you! 

    Mrs. Henrich


    Wednesday 11/17/2021     Thursday 11/18/21  
    Emily Borusiewicz Piano 10:30-11:00   Ryan Boyd Violin 9:00-9:30
            Samantha O'Rourke Violin 9:00-9:30
    Anabel Wein Piano 11:00-11:30   John Gibboni Violin 9:00-9:30
            Emma Keane Violin 9:00-9:30
    Lillian Berkeridge Ukulele 11:30-12:00        
            Katie Wein Alto Sax 9:30-10:00
    Kingston Hicks Piano 12:00-12:20   Andrew Frank Alto Sax 9:30-10:00
            Stella Rouse Clarinet 9:30-10:00
            Elli Keane Flute 9:30-10:00
            Eli Donithan Percussion
            Andrew Cox Percussion
            Michael Calm Percussion
            Jackson Ragan Percussion
            Miquel Moralis Percussion
            Riley Lorandeau Violin 10:30-11:00
            Lucy Tapera Violin 10:30-11:00
            Autumn Charles Violin 10:30-11:00
            Delaney Geppi Violin 10:30-11:00
            Kate Cox Violin 10:30-11:00
            Michael Sawyer Violin 10:30-11:00
            Alice Landers Piano 11:00-11:30
            Molly Baldwin Piano
    11:30-11:55 Bring your lunch
            Allison Cristo Piano 12:45-1:15
            Andrew Lorandeau Piano 12:45-1:15
            Alex Bachelor Piano 1:15-1:45
            Vincent Baldwin Trumpet 1:45-2:15
            Kevin Zhang Trumpet 1:45-2:15
            Alex Baldwin Trumpet 1:45-2:15
            Gino McCool Trumpet 1:45-2:15
            Jeremiah Charles Trombone 1:45-2:15
              After School 2:30-3:30