Sketch Book List




    Students in grades 5 through 8 have required homework for each trimester. Please be sure to have a sketchbook for homework, class notes and preliminary sketches for projects ( students in grades 1-4 do not need a sketchbook). The following is a list of homework assignments for the third trimester:

    Students may use any 2- dimensional medium including color mediums.


    03/17/20 -   Shoe Lace Study

    03/24/20-    Wrinkled  Study

    03/31/20-    Open Study 

    04/07/20-    Metallic Study

    04/21/20-    Weathered Study

    04/28/20-    Movement Study

    05/05/20-    Master Study

    05/12/20-    Colorful Study

    05/19/20-    Cartoon/ Comic



    All work should be based on real life observations or photographs of real objects. Draw what you see, not what you think you see!


    Important Reminder! All sketchbook assignments must be turned in on the due date, unless the student is absent. Sketchbook assignments that are turned in on the due date can be resubmitted  1 time  for a better grade. Resubmissions will be accepted until the last day of art class in the marking period.


    Remember to spend at least 20 minutes on each homework assignment. The more time you spend drawing, the better you become at it. Be creative and have fun!