Throughout the course of the school year your students will be practicing being bucket fillers!  The concept of being a bucket filer comes from Carol McCloud’s Book Have You Filled A Bucket Today?  and stems around the idea that everyone carries around an invisible bucket that throughout the day is being filled by the kind things that you do for others or that others do for you.  A bucket filler is someone who is showing positive character traits (kind, considerate, caring, respectful) and is being a responsible citizen.  When our buckets are full, we feel happy and when our buckets are empty we feel sad. 

                For the next few weeks, we will be learning about different qualities that bucket fillers and bucket dippers exhibit.  We will continuously be reading and re-reading  Have You Filled A Bucket Today? so students are able to really grasp the concept of bucket filling.  We will be practicing being a bucket filler in the classroom, and encourage students to be bucket fillers at home.

                Students will also follow a discipline plan based on the concept. Each day students will start the day with a bucket that contains notes and other items they received when they were "caught" being a bucket filler.  After being given a reminder, when a bucket dipping behavior occurs the student will remove an item from their bucket. If an infraction occurs again another item is removed from their bucket.  When a student reaches an empty bucket, a note will be sent home to be signed and I encourage you to discuss with your student as to how they can change their behavior to show bucket filling behaviors.

                It is very important that this concept is carried over into student’s home lives.  You can help your students at being a bucket filler by discussing the concepts at home.  You can praise your student at home when they do something that fills your bucket or someone else’s bucket. 

                With you help, I hope that we can create a positive, happy, bucket filling classroom!

    Below is a list of Classroom Expectations that First Grade students should demonstrate every day!

    1. Arrive rested and ready to learn everyday. 
    2. Use kind words with others.
    3. Follow directions the 1st time they are given. 
    4. Treat others with kindness and compassion. 
    5. Keep our hands, feet, and bodies to ourselves. 
    6. Use good manners. (i.e. please and thank you)
    7. Share with others. 
    8. Take turns. 
    9. Apologize when necessary. 
    10. Have fun!!