Tuition Assistance

    Donor Levels

    Platinum- $5000 + 

    2018- William and Daretta Bruchey, Bill and Carol Loucks, Anonymous 

    2020- William and Daretta Bruchey

    Gold- $1000-$4999 

    2017- Dominick Pileggi 

    2019- Stephen Berkeridge, Maria and Matt Broilo, Brenda and Mark Hendron, Bill and Carol Loucks, Avelina and Nester Hernandez, Mary Boehly

    Silver- $500-$999

    2017- Edna Graybeal, Bud McFadden, Bobby Rando, Mark Stryker, Dawn Wolf, Sharon Hodges

    2018- Bud McFadden, Rev. William O'Brien III, Dominick Pileggi, Mark Wennersten, Sharon Hodges

    2019- Terri and Luke Yackley, Charles Nietubicz, Sharon Hodges

    Bronze- $100-$499

    2017- Alena Calm, Mr. and Mrs. Rick Cox, Michael and Laura Cristo, Karen Berkeridge, LeAnne Borusiewicz, Corinne Boyd, Maria Broilo, Justin Hodges, Laurie Lopez, Rev. Jay R. McKee, Beth Moore, Anthony Topper

    2018- Sinead Boyd, Maria & Matt Broilo, Thomas Buckingham, Alena Calm, Mr. & Mrs. Rick Cox, Michael Cristo, Julie Frank, Raymond Frank, Gary Hitch, Carole & Bill Long, Wayne & Amy Lorandeau, Anna Malone, Beth Moore, Heidi Padilla, Addison & Jessica Poust, Bobby Rando, Sharon Rapposelli, Robert Sawyer, Howard Stevens, Mark Stryker, Marie Sypolt, Kevin Wein, Deacon Luke Yackley, Marv Minneman, Ray Staples, Miriam Wennersten 

    2019- Corinne and Ronald Boyd, Joy Cox, Michael Cristo, Kevin Wein, Karen Berkeridge, LeAnne and Dave Borusiewicz, Timothy Boyd, Theresa Gebhardt, Doug Hickey, Pam Leigh, Laurie Lopez, Wayne Lorandeau, Anna Malone, Joshua Padilla, Carly Sawyer, Michael and Ann Shiber

    Crusader Club- $1-$99

    2017- Catherine Cantrell, Kim Olszewski, Veronica Olszewski, Wendy O'Rourke, Kristen Smith, Ryan Weismiller

    2019- Mary Boehly, Jay Chaffin, Veronica Olszewski, Tyler Walters, Corey T. Anderson

    2018- Heather Able, Karen Berkeridge, Theresa Gebhardt, Landers Family, Kathleen Moeller, Ronnie Olszewski, Anthony Topper, Geraldine & Sylvanus Weaver


     A BIG thank you to all the gala donors who contributed to the scholarship fund!


  • The Importance of Scholarships

    "Society has a greater need for people of values than it has for scholars. Knowledge itself does not bring about positive values, but positive values do influence knowledge and put it to a good use. If there ever existed a time when this type of education should be an influence in the lives of young people, it is certainly now—at a time when worldly and unchristian values seem to produce such confusion for the young."

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