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  • Handwriting 
     Students will be working out of Zaner-Bloser Handwriting book to practice printing their letters correctly. Typically, students will be writing on papers with large lines on them.
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    • The top blue line is referred to as the Headline.
    • The middle blue dotted line is referred to as the Midline.
    • The bottom red line is referred to as the Baseline.
    Please encourage your child to make sure tall letters (uppercase letters as well as some lowercase letters such as "l") begin at and touch the Headline. Many lowercase letters such as o, r, s should start at the Midline (dotted line). All letters should touch the Baseline.
    Please click on the link below for how the letters and numbers look writing them the Zaner-Bloser way. This is the way the students will be taught to write the letters and numbers here at school.