• Sight Words
    Below are links to sight words at the pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and first grade levels. Practicing them at home is a great way to keep the learning going for your child at home. Be sure not to practice any more than 5 words your child does not know at a time (too overwhelming for most children).

    Here are some fun ways to practice sight words:
    • Put them on flashcards and play games such as Memory match and Go Fish (will need to write each word on two cards to play these games). Be sure to have your child say the words each time they flip two cards over (even if the cards are not a match).
    • Spray shaving cream on an old desk and have your child write words with their fingers in the shaving cream (a great way to clean a desk too!).
    • Have your child write the words with sidewalk chalk outside on the sidewalk / driveway.
    • Use letter tiles to get your child to spell the words.
    • Have your child come up with a sentence that uses the word.
    • Let your child write the word in rainbow colors. For example: they write the word in pencil, then trace over it with a blue colored pencil or crayon, then trace over it in red, then trace it in yellow, purple, etc.

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