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Admissions Information

  • Enrollment is 100% digital.  In order to enroll, you can click here or click the ‘Enroll Now’ button on the home page of our school website.  Once you click that button you will be re-directed to the Power School Enrollment Portal for the Diocese of Wilmington.  Please fill in the requested fields. 

    Once you have enrolled you will then need to create your FACTS account for online tuition payment by visiting . Once this account is created with the necessary banking information is submitted your child’s enrollment is secured. 

    You will later receive an email explaining how to create you Power School Parent Portal and complete the remainder of the necessary forms for our office.

  • All Children are welcome at Good Shepherd Catholic School. Although we are a Catholic school, we welcome all students and families.  Students who attend Catholic schools share similar values and therefore, treat each other with dignity, respect, and kindness.  Our school encourages students to accept the challenges of being a better person in tomorrow's world.

    Parents who register their children at Good Shepherd Catholic School must believe in our philosophy of education, accept the values that are taught, and cooperate with the school in its policies and discipline standards. 

    A student entering PreK must be four years old by August 31st of the new school year. Students entering kindergarten must be 5 years old by August 31st of the new school year. 

    All students are required to have their official birth certificate on file (a copy may be made by the school secretary after viewing the original). For children who are Catholic but who were not baptized at Good Shepherd Parish, a baptismal certificate is also required at registration. 

    Proof of immunization and a Health Inventory, as required by the State of Maryland, must be provided at the time of registration. 

    All new students are accepted provisionally. If either the school or the family feels that a child is not adjusting to the curriculum, guidelines, or behavior norms, a conference will be held with parents, teacher, and principal to discuss alternatives. 

    Parents must re-register their child each year.