• Phonics
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    As part of Language Arts, students will be working on Phonics every day. Skills students will be working on include:
    • Identifying and isolating initial sounds
    • Recognizing initial sounds
    • Printing letters
    • Matching initial sounds
    • Identifying pictures that begin with initial sounds

    Phonics Work

    • Recognizing final sounds and distinguishing these from other sounds
    • Matching final sounds
    • Identifying pictures that end with final sounds
    • Segmenting phonemes in high-frequency words
    • Recognizing and reading high-frequency words
    • Printing high-frequency words to complete sentences
    • Demonstrating sound-letter correspondence 
    • Listening to and discussing nonfiction text
    • Understanding cause and effect
    • Listening and responding to a story
    • Identifying and naming initial consonants
    • Comparing and contrasting
    • Recognizing the singular and plural of frequently used words