• Religion 
    In addition to praying in the classroom, attending Adoration in the church on the first Friday of every month, and going to mass in the church on designated days, students will also have Religion as a subject. The theme this year is: Believe and see the glory of God!
    Unit 1 will have students learning about God, Our Creator and Father. Students will learn that God creates the world and people, God has rules he wants everyone to follow, God sent Jesus to be our Savior and Jesus is the Son of God, and what Ordinary Time is as well as how and why it is celebrated.
    Throughout the year, students will also be learning about miracles such as:
    • Jesus' birth
    • Jesus' resurrection
    • Sarah having a son at age 90
    • Jesus feeding 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish
    • Moses parting the Red Sea
    • Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead after four days
    • Balaam's donkey speaking to him
     All kindergarteners have a buddy that they 
     sit next to when attending mass as a school. Kindergarteners look up
     to their buddies and enjoy this special relationship until their
     buddy graduates, and they become a buddy themselves
     in the intermediate grades.
    "Lord, what we know not, teach us;
    Lord, what we have not, give us; 
    Lord, what we are not, make us, 
         through Jesus Christ.