• Here are some helpful tips that we will use in the classroom, to strengthen different areas of your child's learning, that you can use outside of school as well.

    ABC Practice
    • Practice the alphabet through song and sight. I like to practice having the children say the letters out of order to make sure that they know it by sight rather than memorization of order. 
    Fine Motor Skills
    • Using clothespins to clip on paper or act as a "claw machine" to pick up objects such as pom poms. 
    • Practice using scissors by cutting different items such as paper (sqiggles and zig zags are much easier to start with than detailed pictures), straws (to make necklaces), play dough, and more. 
    • Practice being a handy (wo)man by screwing nuts on bolts or lids on smaller containers
    • Q-tip painting- use a q tip to polka dot paper into beautiful artwork
    Number Practice
    • This can be something that is done in the car or in the grocery store.
    • Practice counting orally or counting objects.