ncea csw
  • We Believe ...

    1. Catholic education is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and should be attainable to all.
    2. Our school is enriched through diversity and we welcome all cultures and faith backgrounds.
    3. Developing all students to their fullest potential while  focusing on unique learning needs, is the foundation of excellent education.
    4. The use of technology is essential in preparing our students for the ever-changing needs of today’s global society.
    5. Learning occurs best in a loving, caring, and safe environment.
    6. By offering extra-curricular activities we enrich instruction and enhance the social skills of our students.
    7. Our students are taught and supported by an exceptionally dedicated faculty and staff in and out of the classroom. 
    8. We must hold our children and ourselves to the highest standards.  The success of our students is driven by open communication and family involvement.
    9. We create young men and women of character who respect themselves and one another.
    10. The positive values and education we provide will influence the lives of our students far beyond the doors of Good Shepherd.