Band Schedules

  • This is the schedule for tomorrow. We will open the Guitar/Ukulele class up to all grades. Please bring and acoustic guitar or ukulele. We do have a few guitars in the classroom to use. 

    Band members will need to attend the 3rd Grade Petting Zoo. I will need at least 1 person for each instrument. 

    Grade Time
    3rd Grade Petting Zoo 8:00-8:45
    4th Grade Guitar/Ukulele 8:45-9:30
    5th Grade Guitar/Ukulele 10:30-11:15
    6th-7th Grade Guitar/Ukulele 12:45-1:30
    3rd Grade Guitar/Ukulele 1:30-2:15





    Thank you for your continued support of the GSCS band program.