Good Shepherd Band

  •  ***You will find the song for adoration under "Classroom News" 

    All music for the spring concert can be found on my page under "Spring Concert" 

    Here is the band schedule for Wednesday 3/11/2020.  Please bring instruments and any music books you may have.

     **Please arrive 5 min early for your lesson. Come QUIETLY into classroom, get your instrument out and be ready for your start time. **

    Name Grade Instrument Time
    Katie Wein 6th Saxophone 8:00-8:45
    Lillian Berkeridge 6th Saxophone 8:00-8:45
    Kevin Zhang 4th Trombone 8:45-9:15
    Vincent Baldwin 4th Trombone 8:45-9:15
    Lenten Reconciliation 2nd-8th   9:30-10:30
    William Sawyer 5th Trumpet 10:45-11:20
    Alex Balwin 4th Trumpet 10:45-11:20
    Julian Broilo 8th Trumpet 10:45-11:20
    Connor Baldwin 7th Trumpet 10:45-11:20
    Ali Meck 5th Flute 11:20-11:50
    Elliana Keane 4th Flute 11:20-11:50
    Andrew Frank 5th Saxophone 12:35-1:15
    Alice Landers 4th Percussion 12:35-1:15
    Andrew Cox 4th Percussion 12:35-1:15
    Michael Calm 4th Percussion 12:35-1:15
    Giuliana Villar 8th Piano 1:15-1:45
    Allison Cristo 6th Piano 1:15-1:45
    Joseph Cristo 8th Piano 1:15-1:45
    Samantha O'Rourke 6th Violin 1:45-2:20
    Ryan Boyd 6th Violin 1:45-2:20
    Emma Keane 5th Violin 1:45-2:20
        AFTERSCHOOL 2:30-3:30




    Thank you,

    Mrs. Henrich