Good Shepherd Band

  •  ***You will find the song for adoration under "Classroom News" 

    Here is the band schedule for Wednesday 1/22/2020.  Please bring instruments and any music books you may have.

     **Please arrive 5 min early for your lesson. Come QUIETLY into classroom, get your instrument out and be ready for your start time. **

    Name Grade Instrument Time
    Katie Wein 6th Saxophone 8:00-8:45
    Lillian Berkeridge 6th Saxophone 8:00-8:45
    Andrew Frank 5th Saxophone 8:00-8:45
    MASS     9:00-10:00
    Kevin Zhang 4th Trombone 10:15-10:45
    Vincent Baldwin 4th Trombone 10:15-10:45
    Giuliana Villar 8th Piano 10:45-11:20
    Allison Cristo 6th Piano 10:45-11:20
    Joseph Cristo 8th Piano 10:45-11:20
    William Sawyer 5th Trumpet 11:20-11:50
    Alex Balwin 4th Trumpet 11:20-11:50
    Julian Broilo 8th Trumpet 11:20-11:50
    Connor Baldwin 7th Trumpet 11:20-11:50
    Ali Meck 5th Flute 12:35-1:15
    Elliana Keane 4th Flute 12:35-1:15
    Ali Meck 5th Flute 1:15-1:45
    Elliana Keane 4th Flute 1:15-1:45
    Samantha O'Rourke 6th Violin 1:45-2:20
    Ryan Boyd 6th Violin 1:45-2:20
    Emma Keane 5th Violin 1:45-2:20
        Full band 2:30-3:30




    Thank you,

    Mrs. Henrich