Good Shepherd Band

  • Iron Birds Game 2023

    Here is the schedule for the week of May 17th & 18th, 2023. (updated as of 5/16/23).

    We will have an after-school band on Thursday from 2:30-3:30.

    The Evening of Fine Arts (Band Concert) will be Wednesday, May 24th at 6:00pm. 

    Please make sure all students use the bathroom before afterschool band. It has become a problem with students going during band.

    Please make sure to bring your music books to school and any music given to you. Make sure you know which day you have your lesson. This changes weekly! You can also see the schedule posted on your chromebook dashboard. See you this week!

    Mrs. Henrich

    Wednesday May 17  
    3rd Grade Recorders 9:00-9:30
    Isabel Keller 9:30-9:50
    Anabel Wein 9:50-10:10
    Alex Batchelor 10:10:40
    Molly Baldwin 10:40-11:00
    Lily Taylor 11:00-11:20
    Emily Borusiewicz 11:20-11:50
    Lillian Boyd 11:50-12:20
    Thursday, May 18    
    Lillian Smith Violin 8:30-9:00
    Mallory Collete Violin 8:30-9:00
    Andrew Frank Alto Sax 9:00-9:30
    Ali Meck Alto Sax 9:00-9:30
    Elliana Keane Flute 9:00-9:30
    Stella Rouse Clarinet 9:00-9:30
    Emma Massey Clarinet 9:00-9:30
    Andrew Lorandeau Piano 9:00-9:30
    Michael Sawyer Ukulele 9:00-9:30
    Andrew Cox Percussion 9:30-10:00
    Colby McCool Percussion 9:30-10:00
    Hunter Blackman Percussion 9:30-10:00
    Jacob Calm Percussion 9:30-10:00
    Robert Meyer Percussion 9:30-10:00
    Ben Burton Alto Sax 10:00-10:30
    Everly Keane Alto Sax 10:00-10:30
    Clare Frank Flute 10:00-10:30
    Caiden Payne Trombone 10:00-10:30
    Alex Baldwin Trumpet 10:30-11:00
    Vincent Baldwin Trumpet 10:30-11:00
    Gino McCool Trumpet 10:30-11:00
    Kevin Zhang Trumpet 10:30-11:00
    Michael Calm Trumpet 10:30-11:00
    Elliana Keane Flute 11:00-11:30
    Emma Keane Violin 11:00-11:30
    Emma Massey Clarinet 11:00-11:30
    Andrew Lorandeau Piano 11:00-11:30


    Lily Taylor

    Piano 11:30-11:50
    Emma Keane Violin 1:50-2:25
    Madi Harris Violin 1:50-2:25
    Delaney Geppi Violin 1:50-2:25
    Riley Lorandeau Violin 1:50-2:25