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The Importance of Scholarships

Dear Friends,

Blessed Father Basil Moreau was the founder of the Order of the Holy Cross. This order would later establish the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. Education and values were two things that Father Moreau kept very close to his heart. He is quoted as saying, "Society has a greater need for people of values than it has for scholars. Knowledge itself does not bring about positive values, but positive values do influence knowledge and put it to a good use. If there ever existed a time when this type of education should be an influence in the lives of young people, it is certainly now—at a time when worldly and unchristian values seem to produce such confusion for the young."

Moreau's passion for Catholic education is very much shared by our faculty, staff, and student body. It is our firm belief that Math, Science, and English are all important subjects for our children to learn; however it is the education and shaping of their character that is of paramount importance. However, the institution of Catholic education finds itself in a time of great peril. Rising costs to operate schools and a slumping economy has forced many families out of Catholic education and many schools to close their doors forever. We at Good Shepherd believe that socioeconomic status should not prohibit someone from attending our school. 

To this end we are proud to announce the Good Shepherd Scholarship Program. This program will allow us to grant financial assistance to families in need and also reward students based on merit.

We seek your help in keeping this program alive. By offering a scholarship to one of our students, you will have the ability to name that scholarship in honor/memory of a loved one or after your business/organization. Your offering will help keep the dream of a Catholic education open to another generation of students, or reward a student who works hard in the classroom.

I understand that the current economic climate makes donations difficult. However, I can promise you that the return on your investment will be great. If you would like to arrange a visit and tour of the school I would be more than happy to accommodate you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare."